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To those who are fed up trying to figure it out themselves...


When & Where?

Thanks to all participants of the first 4 editions.

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Ebene Junction,

Rue de la Democratie, Ebene 80817





The investment for the one day training is Rs 4,000 only AND it is MQA approvedUp to 60% HRDC refund (conditions apply).




If you have any doubt, the subjects learnt in the session are worth months of work and research so you're actually saving much of your time and money!




The trainer, Chen Hindi, entered the professional online world in 2009. The combination of her education, retail experience, online knowledge and hands-on work (managed dozens of FB pages in the last few years) assist her to “be in the shoes of” any business owner and provide industry related insightful advices and perspectives for growth. 

How Much?


"People don't login to Facebook for You (your business),
but if you do it right, they'll listen"



Registration & Coffee

Good Morning and Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to Facebook

Write Winning Facebook Posts
Intro to Sponsored Campaigns
Q & A Session

Facebook Content & Intro to Facebook Ads

Manage Your Page on Facebook

Basic Terminology
Navigate Your Facebook Page
Facebook Do's
Facebook Don'ts

Facebook - General
Facebook in Mauritius
Your Business & Facebook
Create/Optimize a Page 360°





Nowadays, the Net holds so many tutorials and technics of Digital Marketing. But most of the times a degree of difficulty is felt in understanding and applying those methods, but having a trainer in front of you changes all. The Facebook training, brightened my approach towards using this platform, which will no doubt help me to boost my business and be more visible online. Lastly, it was value for money, good job.


Intro to Facebook for Business, July 2016

“N/A on things to imrpove :) the course is dynamic, I've learnt a lot in both trainings and I definitely recommend it!”


Intro to Facebook for Business, July 2016 &

FB's Sponsored Ads - Unlocked, October 2016


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10:10-10:20 Tea/Coffee Break

12:00-12:30 Lunch Break

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Managing Director


Head of recruitment and communication

“I learnt a lot about FB engagement and how to create successful campaigns. 

The session was interactive – beside technical aspects, questions were asked of the group, case studies were reviewed and discussed.

It was also well organized. The trainer has strong knowledge on the subject and was well prepared. I definitely recommend it!”



Intro to Facebook for Business, February 2017


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